IntuAction Coaching LLC is a talent management coaching and consulting firm which its president, Michele Brown, founded in 2007. IntuAction Coaching’s niche is professional development coaching for managers and executives, in addition to training and performance development consulting for medium and larger organizations. The career planning consultants at IntuAction Coaching have successfully assisted a large number of private, for-profit, and non- profit organizations in the development of their most senior leaders and high potential employees.
Focusing on excellence in both delivery and service, we bring to our clients some of the best and most authentic talents in the industry. Clients large and small regard Michele Brown and IntuAction Coaching as a trusted partner, providing leadership coaching, training, consulting, and assessment services in talent management. Check out our consulting services testimonials to see what some of our clients have to say.

About Our Talent Management Firm in Teaneck, NJ

Michele Brown - Founder of Our Talent Management Firm in Teaneck, NJ  


President and Founder

Michele has 25 years of corporate leadership experience focused on transforming individuals and teams to achieve superior strategic business outcomes. Each program is customized to the special needs of the client, ranging from one-to-one coaching to overall performance and change management.

Michele brings extensive business experience from her corporate career to guide her clients through the IntuAction Coaching program. This expertise, combined with her training at the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (IPEC), enables her  to  formulate strategies for excelling in leadership along with practical application of essential tools and techniques to help her clients achieve their desired success.

Michele is a Certified Behavioral and Values Analyst and TriMetrix ™ Specialist, which she uses in her executive coaching, leadership development, and skill building programs. With a unique assessment expertise, Michele specializes in leadership development and executive coaching. Her high impact development efforts center on developing leaders by gaining an in-  depth understanding of the skills needed to execute the role, the current skills of the leader, and the gaps that need to be  addressed. Michele is known for delivering frank and revealing feedback with compassion and a focus on results. She provides  assessments for a wide range of organizational needs.



Sydney Davis – Career Planning Consultant in Teaneck, NJ

Sydney Davis:

Sydney Davis is a dedicated life changer. Her ability to see issues clearly and communicate the next steps makes her both potent and practical. Sydney’s training in ConsciousLeadership grounds her in a unique understanding of transformative principles. She has over 20 years of professional experience as an educator and a trainer. That combined with a Masters in Counseling and a certification in coaching brings added value to clients.


Danielle M. Dopwell:

Danielle brings over 15 years of business experience to IAC. Her disciplines have been in training, facilitation, sales management and customer service. She is a passionate trainer and motivator who strives to enable others to become effective communicators and embrace their authentic power.


Lisa Panarello:

Lisa is an experienced trainer and facilitator. With an entrepreneurial mindset and unique blend of humor and practicality, Lisa provides insights and strategies that stimulate positive change in thought and behavior. She has been regarded for her resourceful, forward-thinking, no-nonsense approach to business balanced by an unwavering positive attitude and caring heart.

Lisa earned a BBA Degree in Marketing from Baruch College and a Certificate in Career Planning from NYU. She knows how to get things done efficiently with purpose, and empower others to achieve beyond expectations.


Frederica A. Peterson, MA:

Frederica is a solutions–oriented professional with a 20+ year track record of success in building, strengthening and aligning talent, leadership, and organizational development programs with evolving business goals that positioned KPMG and Verizon Wireless for growth.

Frederica holds a MA in Organizational Behavior from Fairleigh Dickinson University and a certification in Image Consulting from the NY Fashion Institute of Technology. She is also a 2015 NJ Assembly Resolution Honoree for International Coaching Week for her contributions to the coaching profession for the past 20 years.


Raj Tedla:

Described as “personable, insightful, effective, motivational and results oriented” by IAC clients. Rajesh (Raj) offers wisdom, experience and proven processes to move executives, leaders, entrepreneurs and individuals to a heightened awareness and effectiveness. Raj respectfully provokes and partners with clients to help each define and develop authentic, strengths-based success. Since 1990, he has coached more than 2,500 senior leaders and executive. 


Trayvick Terry

Terry leveraged 20 years of corporate experience, leading major F500 organizations and driving breakthrough results to becoming a consultant in 2006. Notable corporate experiences include assignments at General Motors, Procter & Gamble, Sara Lee, and R. R. Donnelley. Terry’s corporate experience includes everything from Cash Manager at Procter and Gamble (where he managed daily the $30Billion in annual cash) to President of R. R. Donnelley’s $1 Billion Global Financial Services Business. 


Terry has successfully provided strategic and execution direction for clients at Pepsico, Kraft Foods, John Houston Custom Homes, Emacx Systems, American Dehydrated Foods, U.S. Foods, and others.

Terry holds a B.S. in Industrial Management from the University of Cincinnati; and an MBA – Finance and Marketing from Columbia Business School. 
"Using a coach is not about finding someone who can provide a first opinion on a subject or issue. For me, it's about finding an objective second opinion and then discussing the appropriate approach to get you there.

Michele Brown provides that practical, consultative, objective second opinion".
- Thomas Stephens, SVP
Boston, Massachusetts

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