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Here are answers to some of our most Frequently Asked Questions: 

Why do I need an IntuAction Coaching coach?

If you are ready to make changes in your life but are not sure what actions to take, an IntuAction Coaching coach can help you. Here is a short self-assessment quiz that might help you decide.


Q: Please answer “yes” or “no” to the following statements:


·         I am currently going through a transition in my career and am not sure which way to turn.

·         I feel as though it’s time to make positive changes in my professional or personal life right now.

·         My personal or professional life is not as rewarding as it could be.

·         I think I could benefit from having someone who can support my goals and help me stay on track.

·         I have the energy, resources and commitment to begin exploring my life.

·         I think I would benefit from examining which situations drain my energy or hold me back.

·         I believe I am responsible for determining the path my life takes.

·         I am open to the idea of looking at my life from a different viewpoint, of being able to re-evaluate my assumptions about myself and others.

·         I would enjoy honestly and openly working with a coach to explore my frustrations and dreams.


A: If you answered “yes” to 5 or more of the above statements, an IntuAction Coaching coach could help you to create a life which brings more balance and fulfillment. We encourage you to sign up for a complimentary coaching session to experience for yourself what coaching is about.


Will coaching work for my team?

Yes, coaching can be as productive for a team as it is for an individual. From an HR perspective, IntuAction Coaching uses and facilitates the same types of proven strategies and methods to establish team mission, vision, strategy and rules of engagement, whether in a team, division or department environment. This is done with a single IAC coach or a team of coaches. We’re here to partner for your success!


Is coaching just for executives?

Coaching is for anyone looking for help managing change in their lives or help rising in their career – employees, team leaders, supervisors, managers, executives, CEOs, all the way up to chairmen or chairwomen of the Board of Directors. Executives often engage coaches because their careers can be so challenging and advancement can be so competitive, but the earlier you recognize the hunger to succeed and the desire to begin, the earlier we can begin to help you.


What results have you helped other executives, teams and companies achieve?

IntuAction Coaching has worked with all kinds of companies, from small businesses to Fortune 100 corporations. Our programs have helped individuals as well as teams achieve extraordinary results. Read some our testimonials for a sampling of our success stories.


What is the normal length of time for a coaching engagement?

The minimum recommended commitment to an IntuAction Coaching engagement is 12 weeks. However, depending on the complexity of the problem, issue, or goal, many clients continue for longer periods. Some people decide to work on another goal after finishing the first. IntuAction Coaching sessions last 60 minutes, and sessions typically occur 2, 3 or 4 times a month. It is up to you!


What is a coaching session about?

An IntuAction Coaching session can vary individually, but generally we discuss your goals, your challenges, and your strategies. Sessions last 60 minutes, which ensures we have sufficient time to discuss the actions taken from the previous week as well as discuss continuous strategies to be taken to forward the action and keep the momentum going. We’ll also cover any challenges or obstacles that may have cropped up and eroded your ability to progress your plan forward.


Is the coaching process confidential?

Absolutely! What is said between the Coach and Client stays between them. We respect our clients and their privacy. While some clients have no problem telling others about their experience with a Coach, other people may not feel comfortable. Confidentiality on our part is assured.


What is the difference between coaching and training?

Coaching helps you explore goals and strategies, even identify problems and develop plans on how to deal with them; training helps you develop skills and drills on how to master them.


What is training about?

IntuAction Training helps you develop training geared to the specific needs of your organization. We help your people develop and hone skills like time management, problem solving, creativity and innovation, project management or even team building. In consultation with you, we develop training that solves problems unique to your business.


What is “talent management consulting” and how does it benefit me?

Talent Management Consulting helps you identify and build on your human resources, using them to achieve and often exceed your business objectives. IAC helps organizations improve employee performance with a focus on excellence in delivery and service. We offer solutions in the areas of employee handbooks, performance appraisal systems, job analysis and benchmarking and compensation rewards benefits. Simply put, we help organizations, teams and individuals reach their potential.


"Michelle has been a life saver to me and my organization. As a CEO during these challenging economical times, it is difficult to share the true obstacles and experiences my company and I have had to endure. Michelle has been able to be a sounding board, has helped me tap into my own potential and has helped me organize my priorities, which in entail has helped me move my business through these difficult times. Michelle is a professional, inspiring and focused individual, with a well of knowledge and a multitude of business resources. Meet with her once and you will know what I mean. Thanks Michelle."
- Brian McGovern, Executive Director
NJ Community Research Initiative
Newark, New Jersey
EMAIL: >> PHONE: 201.833.2725 >> IntuAction Coaching, 492-C Cedar Lane #185, Teaneck, New Jersey 07666